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Auto Body Estimating Solutions: Excel and OpenOffice.org

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abe-product-default.png* We phased out support for the Microsoft Excel versions.  If you are set on using Excel, see this page for help

We are moving towards OpenOffice only because it's free.  more.  Files are now called BSET, short for Body Shop Estimating Tools of course.  Updated Screen Shots


Body Shop Estimating Software Tools for smaller auto body shops, collision repair shops, restoration shops, custom body shops and even backyard shops you will find this tool extremely helpful. Body shop estimating software and repair management tools save time, money and let you write, print, manage and profit.banner-button-125.gif

Do more than just print an estimate you filled in on your computer, manage that information, let the sheet do the math, print repair orders from the same information, track parts cost, materials and more.

With BSET's (body shop estimating tools), you write an estimate, manage the repair, manage parts and materials cost and profit margin.  Specifically designed for smaller shops with lower volumes who still need the ability to print a computer generated estimate for their customer or the Insurance Company but don't need the added monthly expense of point and click.


Need an estimate now? We can write it for you while you wait.


30-years-certification.pngIt's great as a stepping stone software alternative for auto body shop estimating and management until your shop is ready for those expensive database driven collision estimating programs with high monthly fees.

These body shop estimating software tools are optimized for specific types of body shop or we have a Universal version (BSET v6.0) that covers all shops except rebuilders.



CPU Requirements:  Windows PC running OpenOffice.  For multi computer use, integrate with Dropbox.  Bug fix versions are always free.  Freed upgrades to newest version when you buy continued support.


Popular Links: How to install with OpenOffice, About these Body Shop Estimating Software Solutions, Why We Developed These Body Shop Estimating Software Solutions.




dropbox-logo2.pngFully compatible with Dropbox

Anywhere you have Internet, you can open the estimating file and work.  Although Internet is not required to use this Body Shop Estimating software solution, you can increase your options of access by using the Internet and Dropbox together.

*Also compatible with Google Drive for cloud storage use and multi computer use.






Download OpenOffice

Our Body Shop Estimating Tools require either OpenOffice or Excel, as we are phasing out Excel, we recommend using OpenOffice.  If you know a little about Excel, you can tweak its use as much as you want.  Click here to download OpenOffice.





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 New BSETv6.0 we are adding linked resources for decoding VIN and getting OEM parts pricing.  These resources provide diagrams and part numbers.  Part numbers are accurate when entering VIN.  Anyone who purchases after 10/26/2016 will get the newest version v6.0 Free.  We will send it via email when its released.  The new version will be released as Universal first, then we will release them as specific versions and will have many new features as well as improved existing features.


 Which Body Shop Estimating Alternative version is right for you?



All Our Body Shop Estimating Software Tools (BSET 's) have similar attributes, the variables being: Shop type they are set up for.  *Builders and Re sellers version has dedicated tab for sales.





  • Write and Print Body Shop Estimates

    Even backyard shops need a way to generate and print an estimate that will be accepted by both the customer and the insurance company. You can hand write and estimate, but customers and insurance companies are 90% less likely to question and estimate when it is printed. Even though the information may be the same.

  • Manage the Entire Repair Process

    After the estimate is written and the car is dropped off for repairs, you can also manage the entire repair process. Keeping track of expenses, customer payments, parts and materials cost.

  • Adjust Your Shop Settings

    Adding your shop name, address, phone numbers, email, website and labor rates once and never have to do it again. Rates can be changed for specific customers of you like but not necessary.

  • Add Customer/Car/Insurance Information

    Add customer information, car information and Insurance company information and it will carry the information from tab to tab during the repair process.

  • Record Payments

    Record your customer payments and they will automatically be applied to the total and reflect customers balance.

  • Print Repair Orders

    Repair orders are generated automatically. Simply print and place in the car for reference, labor hours are added so technicians have a point of reference for how long the work should take. You can add notes to the shop or they can write note for the supplement.

  • Add or Link to Images/Albums

    Using Google Photos or inserting photos from your computer is a great way to reference repair work. Within a few simple steps, you can insert or link to photos.

  • Generate Supplements

    Always something missed on the original agreed on amount. Creating a supplement is the same using the supplement tab. Parts cost change? It will even adjust for the variation in parts cost.

  • Check in Parts

    Enter your parts invoices when they come in. It keeps track of how much they cost vs how much you estimated they cost.  Automatically inserting the difference into your supplement.

  • Check in Materials

    Same as parts, you enter the materials invoice and it will adjust the supplement accordingly.

  • Totals Page for Itemized Totals

    Totals page accomplish the same goal as the databases, point and clicks. It gives you one page look at the detailed totals and what the charges are for. Mostly for reference, but its there to answer questions about the repair.

  • Statements for Customers

    Statements help you keep track of payment and give you something printable you can give to your customer.

  • Profit Tab

    Profit tab shows you how much money you actually made.

  • Thank You's

    Thank you page gives you and your customer closure, it encourages reviews and social connections.

View the Video Demo at the bottom of the product page... 


    • 10/26/2016 New Features Slated for BSETv6.0 more  Order v5.0 today and we will send you the upgrade free when it's released.
    • 08/31/2016  We have a new section coming.  It's specifically designed for novice estimate writers, it will help inexperienced or seasoned estimators understand more and learn how to properly write an estimate that customers and insurance companies will pay for.
    • 07/04/2016  Tax on services update has been made.  These estimating tools accommodate the new government regulations for taxes on services.
    • 07/09/2015 You can now order Shop Specific versions.  We are creating shop specific versions, if you are a (Avail Now Custom Shop), (Avail now Collision Shop), (Avail now Car Rebuilder and Sellers/Dealers) add the purchase price of the car, transportation costs, resale value and more, will help ensure your profit margin when doing Total Loss Rebuilds.  (Avail now Combination Shops)
    • 09/30/2014 Credit Card Security (Card Declined?).
      The security settings are very high.  All your information must match your credit card and spelling is critical.  Our system will lock you out after too many failed attempts.


Video Demo