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Race Club Body Shop Newsletter

Card Declined After Several Attempts?

It has come to our attention that error logs are showing a small number of customers being declined for their downloadable purchase.

Please note our security settings are extremely high and all the information you provide must match the credit card perfectly;  This includes billing zip and spelling.

If you have made several attempts, the system will lock the card out and it is possible that each attempt that was declined will post on your statement as a pending purchase, these declined events will not process, they will expire in your account and then scroll off.  If for some reason you made more than one purchase by accident, these processes must actually post first, then we can issue a refund for the accidental purchase.  We cannot refund a purchase that has not actually cleared.  Make sure the item pending goes through first.

If you have been locked out, your card will no longer work, the order must be processed by phone 919-655-5620 or you can contact us via email, give us your contact information, we will check the error logs on the website to verify your attempts and then we can process by phone.  The file will be emailed as an attachment within 24 hours.