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Auto Body Estimating Solutions: Excel and OpenOffice.org

Race Club Body Shop Newsletter


white-collar.jpgWe were a body shop located in Moncure North Carolina called Race Club Body Shop. 

In the body shop Industry including estimating for 30 years, we spent the last 10 doing our own custom body shop:  Body kits, door conversions, mods etc.

Anything custom becuase its just plain fun and challenging, doing basic body work was neccessary but it can become boring and mundane over the years, it's why we focused on the art form.

During those years we developed body shop estimating software alternatives to databased software products that helped us be more productive, save time and make the work easier to manage and user friendly.  

After closing the shop (by choice), we still continue to develope and improve the existing products and are currently developing other products.  

Our top seller is the Body Shop Estimating Software Alternative, it uses Excel/OpenOffice.

Cars are a passion and an art form. We did body shop because it's fun and a another form of expression.

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As a body shop expert and consultant, we help you succeed online too by the following: 

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