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Auto Body Estimating Solutions: Excel and OpenOffice.org

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About Our Body Shop Estimating Software Solution

About Our Body Shop Estimating Software Alternative


abe-product-default.pngThe best Body Shop Estimating Software solution we found instead of expensive point and click body shop and collision repair shop data based programs.  Smaller body shops, collision repair shops, custom shops and restoration shops just don’t need point and click, using OpenOffice or Microsoft Excel software with our Body Shop Estimating tool is an extremely helpful and cost effective estimating and repair management solution tool that saves both time and money over hand writing and eliminating monthly fees.  Giving you the ability to write, manage and print estimates without the major expense associated with other programs.

For start up shops, shaving monthly costs is critical, particularly if you're starting a shop with limited resources, or a shop who needs to cut their budget or simply a backyard shop who does cars for a hobby but still needs an effective estimating software and repair management system.

We have many satisfied shops who have been using this body shop estimating tool for years.  Collision body shops, Custom body shops, Automotive restoration shops, Re-builders who resell and even the backyard garage with a budding shop owner.

Price from 59.95 to 89.95.  We can even custom design a version specifically for your situation.

Shop for the version that best suites your shop.