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Get Custom Body Shop Customers

If you are a custom body shop who can handle custom work, we have customers for you. 

When we get email request for recommending a shop in their area who can handle custom work, we typically refer a shop from our list of preferred shops and we even write the estimate for you. 

Obviously you have the final say on the price, but the per-screening process saves you time and weeds out time wasters.  The result is a customer who shows up at your shop ready to pay for services.  For doing this, all we ask is 4% of the amount we wrote, you can charge them based on your estimate or actual repair order.

A Touch of Custom is a partner site, they specialize in matching custom body shop customers to shops who can help them.  Add your shop to their list, it's free, you don't pay until we have a paying customer ready to drop off their car. 


A Touch of Custom