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Need a Website

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Buy Now (make it a combo, get the tool free!).

We partnered with WebDesignManageSEO.com to get you a web guy you can count on to build an affordable body shop website option that will forever eliminate the mental strain of "I Really Need to do Something with Our Body Shop Website"...

We design and manage websites for body shops in a way that no other web company can, with our extensive background and working experience in the body shop industry, it makes us the right web design and management company to handle your body shop website needs.

Most shops start with a basic website, getting your information and photos out in front of potential new customers to help grow your shops revenue.  It's for this reason we have basic pricing for a custom, built from scratch design and management plans.  

As your customer base grows because you now have a productive website, calls are coming in and estimates are being written for retained work, you now have more information and photos for the website.

We have plans to fit the needs of your body shop and grow with you, start basic, let us work for you, take the load off so you can focus on what you do.  Let us prove our worth, if you like us, continue to allow us to manage your website and grow it into a profit power house and make budget adjustments that match your goals.

Search placement is the key and it's were we focus our attention.  With our extensive collision repair and body shop background, we write copy and content for the Industry that is exclusive to your website and we get into more detail.  This gives you a competitive advantage over other body shops in your area and give us competitive advantage over other website service providers.

Hosting plans start at only $9.95 a month, management plans start at only $29.95 a month, custom design pricing begins at only $339.95.  We can increase or decrease our time commitment based on your revenue goals, not ours.

See the menu to the left for more options, email to begin the process or even call 919-655-5620 to get started.

*If you purchased already or are thinking about purchasing one of our Body Shop Estimating Tools, let us know because we will give you a credit towards your new website account or get you a copy of your estimating tool Free!



Buy Now (make it a combo and get your estimating tool FREE!).


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