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Auto Body Estimating Solutions: Excel and OpenOffice.org

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As always, you can call for support:  919-655-5620, ask for Robert (our resident body shop estimating expert).

Email is an option as well.


Please take the time to add your comments in the review section, good or bad they will help others considering a work around until they can afford the expensive stuff like CCCone or the like.

We rarely need to spend more than an hour helping a customer set up our Body Shop Estimating Software Alternative but if you need added support or long term support, a go to guy for all things estimating, we have an option for that too.


Although these estimating tools are easy to use and easy to set up, we do offer phone support.  One of the features that makes this such a cost effective solution to data based collision repair estimating is the use of windows folders to manage the repair.

For help setting it up, see Set Up 1, 2, 3