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Auto Body Estimating Solutions: Excel and OpenOffice.org

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Installation / Set Up

downloads.pngWhen you download, the default folder for windows is "Downloads", although if you have changed it, it will be the most recent one you changed it to.  Remember where the file downloads to so you can open it later.


Create your folder hierarchy


customers-folder.pngCreate your Customers Folder on the desktop, inside customers folder create a new folder called "Estimates", then in estimates create a new folder called "Repair Orders", inside repair orders create a new folder called "Completed", then inside the completed's folder create a new folder called "Closed".  Doing this will allow you to understand where the car is in the repair process and how to find it, each time you finish a step you drag the fil and drop it into the next folder until finally is lands in the closed folder where it will stay until you're ready to archive your files.




Setting Up and Using Your Estimating Program


Open with the appropriate parent program "Excel" or "OpenOffice".  Open the parent program you are using, in the upper left corner File Menu, click and the open file, navigate your way to the downloaded file you purchased, when it opens, immediately do a file "Save As" and rename the file "New Estimate" and place in your customers folder.

When you begin a new estimate, open your Excel or OpenOffice, click new estimate, fill out the customer information and then save as "Customer Name or Car etc" and place in estimates folder.  Continue writing your estimate.  When complete, print and hand the printed copy to the customer.  Leaving the file in the "Estimates Folder.  This will allow you to follow up with customers also, any estimate file still in estimates folder is a car that has not come into the shop yet.

When the car is dropped off for repair, simply drag the estimate into the "Repair Orders" folder, letting you know how many cars are in the shop and being worked on.

After each Phase of the repair is completed, simply drag the file to the next folder, ultimately finishing in the closed folder, the closed folder will contain completed work that has been paid in full and the summaries have been completed so you know how much money you made from the repair.

Support:  919-267-8003

For additional information about using windows folders to manage a collision repair or custom projects.