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Auto Body Estimating Solutions: Excel and OpenOffice.org

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News and Announcements


New products, comments about older products, news about the website, the direction we are going, products we are adding or discontinuing.  Look here for update news etc.


We always note feedback we get from users, we gather our "To Do" list and when we get enough.  We come back to update our Body Shop Estimating Tools and implement features our user ask for.


Recent News

  • Posted: 11/23/2015  We will soon be dropping the oldest version so we can make room for the newest.  It's common for products to become outdated in favor of the new features.  The current entry level version will be dropped and the cycle will continue.  No worries if you purchased the entry level and wish to upgrade, we typically make those available to anyone who asks. 


Recent Features on the To Do List:


  •   To accommodate larger dollar figures for restoration and custom shop versions.  Accommodating 6 figures in the cells.

  •   3rd page option for Restoration Body Shop that need to record every nut and bolt replaced.  More parts require more lines.

  •   Printer settings will be more default OpenOffice and Excel.  Ultimately the user tweaks the printer, but through feedback, we are accommodating a broader fit.  In the meantime, check your printer setting and adjust your margins based on your screen size and preferences.


Don't forget to review us, our support habits etc.  We also except suggestions in the review boxes as that where we spend a lot of our time responding and contacting users.  As always thank you for choosing our Estimating tools for your body shop needs.

Also:  Remember we can get you a productive website that brings in new work, we specialize in Body Shop Websites and have plans as low as $9.95 for hosting only and management plans with SEO start at $29.95.  Contact us for details