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Auto Body Estimating Solutions: Excel and OpenOffice.org

Race Club Body Shop Newsletter

Phasing Out Excel Versions.

As of 05/13/2016

We will begin phasing out Excel Support and will be focusing on OpenOffice use only.  The costs associated with Excel keeps the product out of the hands of some people and in the interest of keeping prices low, we will no longer create updated versions for Excel.

OpenOffice has come along way and has a bright future.

For those stubborn people, you can still use the OpenOffice version, but you will need to Open your OpenOffice copy and do a "File Save" and save using a Microsoft excel file format.  This works but some users report you will need to use the attribute in Excel "Hide Zero Values" and adjust some of your columns.

We will keep the website updated with status.

As always, we provide great support and answer questions promptly.