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Auto Body Estimating Solutions: Excel and OpenOffice.org

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Bug Fixes are Free

No we are not perfect either, occasionally we find bugs too.  But we always fix them and send those copies free.  You will still need to add your logo and reset your shop info, but the new copies are free.

We are pro acabe-5.0-upgrade.pngtive at this but do not have time to scroll through all who have ordered, so when you find a bug, shoot us and email and we will send the newest copy we have.

This won't include new versions however, when we add additional features and you want the newest version, there is an upgrade you can buy to get the newest version.  Example v5.0 is our newest, when we release v6.0 we will make it available online, but if your are a current user, you can purchase the upgrade.

Report a bug or request a recent copy of our current version.