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Auto Body Estimating Solutions: Excel and OpenOffice.org

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Screen Shots

Additional screen shots and information about using Bosy Shop Estimating Tools.  These screen shots are from the most recent version, but can apply to all currently listed versions.  The older versions may be green, but they function the same.


Shop Settings Tab is where you add your shop information and rates that will be used to calculate labor hours on your estimates.




After adding your shop settings you can save the file.  The beginning file to use should be named "New Estimate".  THe New Estimate file is the one you open when writing a new estimate for your customer.  After filing in the Customer Information tab, do a "File Save As" and name the file using the customer name or car name, however you prefer to remember the customer.  Save the in the appropriate folder.  If you have not set up your folders, see that page for help.





After adding customer information, you can use the payments tab to enter any payments you have received.



Payments will be credited towards the estimated cost and will appear on the statement.


Estimate page 1 top view shows the body of the estimate.  Your can use the pull downs or write items in the way you usually do:  Task = RR, RI or you can write Remove/Replace etc.  Use the tab key to move between cells and enter the information.  Labor hours are entered as estimated, the math will be done automatically and the dollar values will appear below.





BSET (Body Shop Estimating Tool) will do the math, carry the totals from tab to tab, allowing you to keep track of the dollars, labor hours etc.  As you move from estimate to managing the repair, the parts will be tracked as well as managed in the parts tab.




A Repair Order is generated and can be printed and placed in the car so your body man knows what needs to be done, it will print labor hours and descriptions but not dollar values.




Images tab is where you can add some photos or link to the photos on your computer.




The supplement tab will hold the additional estimated items, it will also do the math when you enter parts and materials invoices when you purchase.  It will calculate the difference between estimated and actual cost.  This +/- will be added or subtracted to make sure you get paid the difference.




Parts are entered as they come in the shop, you enter the invoice number and how much you paid for them, the difference will be entered into the supplements tab.




Materials will be handled the same way as parts.




Totals page will show labor totals, parts, taxes etc.  This is good to reference totals on a job when finished or as it progresses.




Profit Tab is a great tool for calculating how much money you acually made.  It will hold totals, after you have entered the labor dollars (how much it cost to pay the bodyman), it will calculate the profit margin.




Thank you tab will remind you to get "Reviews" from your customer.




This estimating tool is an extremely cost effective way to Write, Print and Manage any project in a body shop.  Its versatility is limited to your comfort level with Spreadsheet workbooks.  When purchased, it comes with the unlock code.

Change and customize as you like...