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Auto Body Estimating Solutions: Excel and OpenOffice.org

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Set Up 1, 2, 3

You must have OpenOffice installed on your computer, if you have not done this yet, please go to www.openoffice.org click the green arrow,

Click the greeen arrow, then click download full installation.


Install the same way you would any software.

After you get OpenOffice installed, launch it first, then use this to open your estimating tool.


Click the folder to navigate your way to the BSET file you purchased from us and open it the same way you would any file.


  Click file, then click "save as" and rename your file to "New Estimate Back Up".  This way if anything happens to your file while you're in the learning curve, you can open a new one.

*Hint:  Always remeber to do a "Save As" after you have entered your customer information and name the file the customer name, car name with last 8 of the vin or any other way you decide to remember this estimate.  This way it saves as the new file and you "New Estimate" will always be clean and blank for new customers.  The only time you wont do this is after you set your shop settings, you need those for each estimate and you don't want to have to reenter them for each new estimate you write.


Support:  919-267-8003