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Using These Estimating Tools with Insurance Estimates

insurance-adjuster-mechanic-client-mkdk-pld-l.jpgUsing Body Shop Estimating Tools with an Insurance Claim

When dealing with the Insurance Company and their estimate, how do you handle your estimate?

Typically when you're dealing with a customer who is the Claimant (not the policy holder), the Insurance company will match you dollar for dollar, even if your labor rate for various services is not the same as theirs.

We have many users who do custom body work and yes the Insurance Companies will pay these claims too.  Custom body shops show different labor rates, Insurance Companies and adjusters cannot show the higher labor rate, but they can match the dollar figure.  They typically will add time, instead of changing the rate.

Contrary to what some Insurance Companies will tell you, they cannot dictate what your rate should be, but your rate must be justified, so it helps to make why you need to charge what you charge, in your conversations and on your estimates.

When working off their estimate, you can do the same thing, use their estimate to match dollars, your procedures are yours, your books and how you keep track of things is set in a way that you understand.  Keeping it simple makes life easier, so match their dollar, not their labor and procedures.

Some shops will simply use their estimate and keep it on file, nothing wrong with doing that either, but you will still need a supplement and it must be printed with a clear understanding of why you need this additional charge.

Yes, you can use these tools (BSET's) with Insurance claims, it's simple and affordable and saves time.